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Whatever happened to?

potted histories and subsequent adventures
of the hippies who lived on Eel Pie 1969-71

if you were living in the Hotel during its 'commune' days, then it would probably be of interest to others who were there to know where you've been since, and what you've done - so if you're willing, email your story to in order for it to be added to those below

California Jon
Canadian Chris
Caroline Porter
            Chris Whitehouse
Chris 'Yak'
Felix & Loretta
            Gavin Kilty
Joanne Berns

            Ray Chappell

group sitting on entrance steps

from left to right - Simon Dunne (by van), Mark, Consuela (at back half hidden), Ray, Chris Yak,
?? (reading), Canadian Tom, ?? (at back half hidden), Scots John, Malcolm (behind Frank),
Nick Garnet (behind Malcolm), Frank (behind Scots John), English John (on chair)

discussion of this photo on "Eel Pie Islanders" Facebook group

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