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Ray Chappell

Subject: Eel Pie
Date: 9 Mar 2011

Hello Everyone,

I thought it was about time I got involved with this website. I don't have time to write a book, or maybe I'm just lazy, so this is just a brief synopsis of where I've been and what I've done since Eel Pie.

I've lived in Copenhagen a couple of times (wonderful wonderful), Afghanistan (a long story), County Durham, London a few times (yawn), Ibiza (before it went plastic), Wales, and Bristol for the last 16 years.

My time has been divided between playing in bands, rock climbing, mountaineering, playing Sunday league cricket, trying to get a revolution together, and struggling to pay the rent in general. Any picture is worth a thousand words so I have included a few below. I can let you all know that Inger Sloots is alive and well and living on the Somerset levels. She's not online and isn't likely to be. She's been my rock climbing partner for the last fifteen years, but we are both getting on a bit now.

Australian Martin lives elsewhere in Somerset but I don't see him much. Jumbo Hawkins is a taxi driver in Swindon. I used to see Wooly when he lived in Liverpool but he lives in France now. I saw Peter Crisp a couple of times when I last lived in London but that's a while ago now.

Anyone is welcome to contact me by e-mail at  raychappell@blueyonder.co.uk. And if anyone wants to see how I'm looking these days they can log on to YouTube and visit my channel, raychappell, where there are about a dozen videos of me playing difficult acoustic guitar pieces.

Hope to see some of you before we leave this place. I think 2012 will be a very interesting year.

Ray Chappell.
Spring 2011

Ray on Mont Blanc Massiv
on top of Mont Blanc Massiv
Ray climbing in Cornwall
rock climbing in Cornwall
Ray playing at a Birmingham blues festival
that's me in the middle playing at a blues festival in Birmingham

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