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Oddjob  ( OJ )

(died 1993)

photo of Odd Job

After Eel Pie folded, OJ spent a short time in Amsterdam before returning to the South West London area, taking part in many squats throughout the 70s, including Grosvenor Road (Twickenham), Galsworthy Road (Norbiton), and the squats along the side of the A3 in Roehampton Vale. Fueled by speed, dope, mandrax pipes and psychedelics, he continued to write and rewrite his infamous stories, paint magnificent space epics and wall murals, play the sitar, and ride lots of motor-bikes, interspersed with the occasional spell at her majesty's pleasure.

Oddjob did a great job of keeping in touch with people, and was always a good source of news and drugs. Even when I moved to Dalston (in East London), it was by no means unusual for there to be a knock on the door at two in the morning, and when opened there would be OJ with a big grin on his face, greeting me with "fancy a trip?"

For a while he shared a flat with Jenny in Kew, before moving back to Twickenham and managing a bit of legitimate work as a despatch rider. In the late 80s he started a relationship with Lol and was living with her in Barnes when he had a fatal heart attack in November 1993.

- Weed (December 2004)

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