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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 02:49:47 -0700

Thanks to my Eelpie awakening I dropped out of RADA which I was attending with some kind of scholarship, much to my parents annoyance, and joined the theater of LIFE, in which ... ' all the worlds a stage...and every man and woman merely a player.'

This found me hitchhiking down to Wales carrying Mu tea, buckwheat and brown rice bought at Ceres to birth my baby in a farmhouse I had found in Llanboidy that needed someone to inhabit it for the winter to keep out the damp. My friend Gavin Kilty came to visit me and stayed with me there. He was deeply studying the I-Ching.

More people came, Drago, Consuela, and of course Peter Crisp.

I left after Haelwyn ( white sun ) was born, in a dark green van with a gold OM sign painted on it owned by Jonathan Webber. We took with us the goat, Miss Araminta Brown, and some chickens maybe and headed for Glastonbury Fayre streaming towards it with all the rest of the awakened souls of the time perceptive enough to pick up the wavelength beckoning us towards enlightenment and self-realization in a rock concert with a stage built like a pyramid!

There I met Maharaji as a 13 year old, who walked onstage amidst flowers and blissful white clothed men and women, to sit on a throne and start giving SATSANG! Was too far away to hear... but could see multiple rainbows in the sky! I also met the Rainbow Gypsies, who had tie dyed a parachute rainbow colors and I met Raya, Ricardo and Lothar who lived under it. They were on their way to India. They reminded me somewhat of Felix and Loretta.

Me and Peter parted ways... he wore a long red blanket and looked like an Indian brave; I wore a pale blue velvet cape stitched around the edge with mother of pearl buttons. I also lost our daughter's welsh basket cradle and the dark ultramarine blue bowl painted in gold with her Aquarian birthdate. It broke and was also left behind.

There was a film made of the first Glastonbury Festival - we are in it. I hitched alone to Warminster ... and studied the formation of the hills there, ( I had read View over Atlantis by John Michell ) understanding that maybe this was the root chakra of Albion.

Then I returned to London to a flat in Ladbrooke Grove and was cared for and healed by Jonathan Webber in his peaceful holy home. Jonathan was last heard playing his beautiful silver flute as he walked into an oncoming train in a tube tunnel.

Magic Mike came to get me and we went for Maharaji's darshan in North London. There I got the information of how to get to India and I left shortly thereafter with my baby girl to live in an ashram called Prem Nagar on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar.

There was yoga to be learned, vegetarian eating, Aryuvedic medicine pills to be rolled, the study and practice of Knowledge and the process of cleaning out all drug residues in my blood began.

The Rainbow Gypsies arrived and tie dyed the whole ashram rainbow colors in honor of Maharaji's birthday and we performed several dance dramas for him, The Krishna Lila, the Queen and her Lost Jewel and the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

I stayed in India to carry on traveling with the Rainbow Gypsies which took us to Benares where we lived for awhile on a houseboat below the burning Ghats. We then travelled to Goa and made a beach ashram there and lived for awhile swimmimg, doing yoga and meditating. I rose early to blow the conch shell to wake the group for Salutations to the Sun Practice. I was always up early as the only young sannyasi mother there.

My last dance drama performance with the Rainbow Gypsies Living Theater group was on the beaches in Goa. It was during the full moon, in the transition from Sagittarius into Scorpio which we reflected on earth in the dance of the Ondines and the Centaurs. There was a circle of burning torches to create our stage, staved into the sand. I danced the dance of ego immolation with Fantuzzi and the drums drummed and drummed until dawn. This was the very first Rainbow Gathering. Stern magazine was there at the time and there is a whole set of pictures of our life there.

I then left to continue my quest for spiritual discovery and arrived in Dharamsalah. My babe and I met the Dalai Lama. He and she made eye contact as she waddled up to him during spring puga ceremony and they laughed together. I became a Bodhicitta with the name Champa Ched Din, in the Library below his residence.

There was a mysterious meeting with Gavin Kilty again, in a small hut at night in the recesses of the Tibetan village of all places! I was amazed at this. It was over a year since I saw him last, in the January cold of that damp little farm in Wales where he arrived to welcome in Haelwyn. I told him about Maharaji and Knowledge as the meditation practice... but he seemed intent on the pursuit of mastery in the Tibetan Way and so we left it at that.

The return to England became inevitable and I was re-united with Peter. We married and came to the US of A.

That was in 1973 and I have been here ever since but that story is for another time.

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