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(died 2007)

photo of Seamus

In 1972 Seamus and Scratch decided to squat in Grosvenor Road (Twickenham). This eventually grew into a community of over 100 people living in houses, vans, caravans, tents and domes, and lasted four years. Meanwhile Seamus had gone to Wales, spending some of his time there in a converted horse-box. He moved to Amsterdam for a while, and then travelled all over Western Europe making good use of his skill with languages and his musical abilities, earning a living busking, playing guitar and singing, and settling for a while in Basle, in Switzerland. When he returned to England, he took part in The Yard, a large mainly vehicle-based squat in Hammersmith, dominated by LB's hand-welded Mad Max creations.

By this time Seamus had picked up various circus skills including some juggling and clowning and was finding work entertaining and playing various instruments, at times performing as a one-man band. He also played a busker in the 1987 Stephen Frears film "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid". His most successful seasonal work was playing the role of Santa Claus, at which he excelled, being employed at several prestigious London locations including Covent Garden, Hamleys and Harrads. He also found time to do a musical instruments making course.

In 2005, Seamus left London and joined his long-term partner Caroline at her cottage in Rousdon, just outside Lyme Regis. In November 2007, he collapsed while on his way to work and died shortly afterwards from a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

Some memories of Seamus can be found on the  Grosvenor Road message board and on the Seamusrousden Weblog. Two CDs of home recordings from 1983/4 are available for download - they are well worth a listen, showcasing his fine guitar playing and sensitive interpretations of a wide range of traditional folk songs.

- Weed (January 2008, updated January 2017)

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