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Zen River Gardens Poems


Alastair Larwill

(written while under the influence of ZRG, 2009)

Lost Check

Black haired dog
With white beard
Talks fist fights
And dead poets
Acorn, Billings, Nicoles…
Marie Jacobs must be pushing 80 now.
All these were featured
Long ago
Breaks chair
Burn mother fucker burn
Memory of last chair
A little unstable
It's cracked over heads over haikus
Larwill and his wolves
Tells stories a mile long
This is working
No memory
Of Zen river
Of dog shaman
And his shack.

Zen River

Propaine coffee, motor oil
Zen buddist fung shui
Didn't notice OSB
In the shaman shack

Mouth opens
Swirling current
Bridge spans
Narrow point

Electric rocks
Raven walks
As seasons change
Sun stays the same

Dusk fire
Dusk drinks
And stories
Naked eggs and Acorn.

And trees memories
Don't fall far
Each forgetting over
Sumac lemonade

Blue green picnic tables
Too much fruit
Way too much fruit
Old mojitos, young gin and tonic

Fire side memories
With creator
Blazing flames
Cold rush hopes

Pushed so far left
To rebound
And become antithesis
Of combating comrades.

Web weaves comfort

Blue Buddha
At one below
With a fly
In it's hair
Web weaves comfort
Suspends above
sharp rocks
Spear stumps
Blue Buddha
Up fly flags past visitors
Old stories slowly fade
With sun and water
On clothes line
Dress zen
Watch stage

While rock seat
below web woven
comfort covers neo-nature
The future is here
sour green rocks
float by
Pictures can't capture
three dimensions in focus
While blue Buddha at one
below web weaves
flags fly past stories
old visitors
resting node.

                      Water troll under bridge

Water troll under bridge
Apples glance up in passing.
Green W beams
Begins slow rot
Rust bolts
Sits upon poured
Concrete castle
Rock throne
Animal dung
Green fingers
Reach across
Won' t grow ontop
Cut trees on
Deep minerals
Forged to cross
Looks down on energy
Not stopped or harnessed
But circumvented
Two Closet points
Makes line
Crosses over energy
Water troll under bridge
Eats up black berries
Skyway under forge
Metal fallen trees
Concrete castle
Rock throne
Water troll holds court on both sides
Reflecting circles whisper bubbles
Temptations too strong to resist.

We are all

Rapid flow metaphor
As I sit and play rock
Feeling current as
It glides by

We are all naked
In the eyes of god
Ourselves covered
In shame

Ourselves covered
In Identity

Ourselves covered
In metaphor

We are all naked
rapid flow
wash over
play rock

Myself covered in water
Life passing
myself covered in metaphor

We are all naked.
We are all.
We are all.

Sour green rocks

Sour green rocks
Fly from Buddhist fort
Makes ripples in
Zen meditation
Floats with flow
Bobbing till
Bubbles pull under
Dance wave

While stone soup
Wouldn't swim
Be washed over

Sour green floats
Marks path and
Makes friends with

Let's go
Chaos forms order
Winks at water troll

And continues to circle
Safe water
Safe current
Settled friends.

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thanks to Alastair Larwill for permission to (very belatedly) publish his poems here
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