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Chris Faiers has led a picaresque life. Born on Hamilton Mountain, Ontario, Canada in 1948, his family emigrated to the southern U.S. when he was six. Although a Canadian citizen by birth, he was eligible for the draft for the Vietnam War as a resident alien. Chris became an anti-war activist in Miami, Florida, attending demonstrations, organizing a campus group and publishing an underground newsletter. Around 1968 Chris began writing haiku poetry under the tutelage of Eric Amann, the publisher of Haiku magazine. Chris is internationally respected as an early English language haiku poet and innovator (a haijin). He left the U.S. forever in June 1969 to avoid conscription for the Vietnam War.

Chris lived for two years in the largest commune in the United Kingdom, the derelict Eel Pie Island Hotel in Twickenham. Eel Pie Dharma: a memoir/haibun tells the story of his explorations and adventures in the late '60s and early '70s.

After three years of street-level poverty Chris returned to Canada in 1972 and joined the anti-imperialist Canadian Liberation Movement. In the CLM Chris met poets Milton Acorn and James Deahl and resumed writing poetry, influenced by Acorn's ability to write accessible and lyrical poetry with a political message.

In addition to writing haiku, lyrical and political poetry, Chris founded the literary press, Unfinished Monument, in 1978. He founded The Main Street Library Poetry Readings the following year. Chris was also a founding member of The Canadian Poetry Association, with James Deahl, Shaunt Basmajian and Wayne Ray and a founding member of Haiku Canada, with Eric Amann, George Swede, Margaret Saunders and others.

In 1987 Chris was the first recipient of the Milton Acorn People's Poetry Award for his book Foot Through the Ceiling (Aya/Mercury Press).

Chris moved to the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario in 1989. He worked as the head librarian/CEO in the village of Stirling for twelve years, from 1994 to 2006.

After his retirement from library work, Chris founded the Purdy Country Literary Festivals (PurdyFests) in Marmora. He coordinated the festivals for eight years, until 2014. PurdyFests will continue to be held in a new location, likely Cobourg, beginning in 2015.

Chris bought a small piece of land in 2005 which had been the site of the pioneer Malone mill on the upper Moira River. Chris renamed the riverfront retreat ZenRiver Gardens, and many of the annual PurdyFest activities were held there. ZenRiver Gardens was included in an article on Buddhist retreats in the area magazine "Country Roads". Much of Chris's poetry is composed while sitting on the deck of his shaman shack there.

Chris continues to have his poetry widely published, and he continues to support and mentor other poets with his blog, Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens. Chris has been the poetry editor for Quinte Arts Council's tabloid, "Umbrella", for about a decade.


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Simply Haiku (May-June 2004)
Poetry Lives - Contemporary Haibun Online (June 2006)


Over 40 public readings and radio and television broadcasts
"A Defence of Poetry" (essay) in Tough Times - Black Moss Press (2010)
Five Questions with Chris Faiers: PurdyFest 2011 - interview for Open Book, Ontario (July 2011)
Chris Faiers - Poet - Marmora History Foundation (2014)


"I like his poetry." - Beatle George Harrison, Esher, England 1969

"Your poems have verve, wit, range and rage. Bravo, and an entire laurel tree of praise for them. They have lifted me out of the fits of depression that sometimes grip me when reading the lifeless drivel that passes for poetry these days. God bless you and keep you always warm and creative." - Irving Layton

"A book by Chris Faiers is always a joy to behold, not only for its spontaneous unpretentiousness and ribald good humour, it's as though he has discovered that God in his/her/its infinite wisdom has decreed that humanity is the scapegoat of the cosmos, and Faiers laughing at our foibles is the only sensible way out." - Herb Barrett in Origins Magazine on Sleeping in Ruins

"Faiers' poetry illuminates the human condition with a quiet strength. He is a strong imagist and equally strong lyrical poet, 'giving the common man a common candidate'. A social critic and gentle satirist of his own alter-ego, the poet persona, Chris wanders through a downtown urban world of kitchens, union meetings and racetracks, recording what touches him in anger or compassion." - Judges Comments, The Milton Acorn People's Poetry Award, Cross-Canada Writers' Quarterly

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