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the Uncles are bird spirits now  (draft)

the Uncles are bird spirits now
flying thru realms
tricksters, so obvious in their choices

even an MFA grad could figure it out:
Milt, the raven spirit/shaman
and Al,
the blue heron

yer poems foretold this
time after time
Milt cawing angrily at the stoopid humans.
Al, more sanguine,
more grounded, more multi-dimensional;
heron lives in & on

while Milt loves to fly & curse us/
these are only 2 of the incarnations
you love to fool us with now : )
Uncles, so many days you visit us
flying, laughing free
in the spirit world
which only poets & shaman
can begin to comprehend

yes, we earth incarnate
yearn to fly with your flocks

raven, heron in & above
or swimming with awkward turtle strokes
sun basking in A-burgh's millpond

turtles, the two of you ...
& Al, that bat trick was a gas
at yer wake

my poet friends often transform
before my stoned eyes ...
yes, Jim D. chooses heron
as does John B.
while Larwill is now the new raven king

but, but
the sun shines so brightly
thru your new kingdoms
the water is transparent
as these words

heron zazen stalks while turtle
all are deeply carved
into the 'teaching rocks'
at Petroglyphs Park

we would miss you
except you visit so often
you are almost as annoying
in the next world
as you were in this one : )


- Chris Faiers  (September 2009)

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