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The Ballad of Eel Pie Island

music by Jon Janoff  -  lyrics by Chris Faiers
performed and recorded by Jon Janoff (2004)

In a time long ago
seems just like yesterday
we were travelling in space
and got lost on the way

Down on the Island, Eel Pie Island
down on the island, it's nothing but a figment of your mind
we were hippies and runaways
gurus and thieves
poets and songwriters
all smokers of leaves

Once a playground of power
famous stopover of kings
where Dickens wrote Bleak House and Pickwick Papers
The Stones and The Faces did sing


There will always be an island
it has always been here
if you are so young and lonely
young and lonely and down hearted and lost


Go find your own island
go down and find yourself some new friends
let the spirit flow upwards in your head
down where the great river bends

ends with:
do not ever let it slip your mind

Chorus refrain:

- Chris Faiers (written 2004, transcribed 2023)

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