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Reflections on The Good People of Tarnished

A modern fable

The good people of Tarnished polish their hate
the way a farmer polishes the first ripe fruit
plucked from his favourite apple tree.

Passionately, they hate each other
mothers hate fathers
siblings hates siblings
grandparents regret the seeds they begat

The good people of Tarnished
worship the smell of their own shite.
They lovingly store it in fragrant lagoons
to scent their fair village day & nite.

Some midnites the good people of Tarnished
undam their fragrant waste
let it flow downstream to less
gifted towns and villages

Their logo is 'the tiny village with a huge black heart'
and the good people of Tarnished joyfully pay a private army
huge sums to protect themselves from each other

And tho they worship hate with a passion
most claim to be good Christians
Of course they've changed Rule 1 into 'HATE unto others'
& thou SHALL lie
thou SHALL steal
and their favourite is 'thou SHALL bear false witness'

Of course their hatred has made them dunderheads
stupid, in fact, & cowards
so they pay further huge sums
to professional liars to slander each other

The professional liars smile to the good people
churn out court case after court case
sucking ever larger sums from the good people's taxes

The good people of Tarnished wish to share their hatred
spread it abroad with the wretched stench
of Mordor's new basin below the Ogre Hills:
The good people have become skilled witch hunters

In the wilds further north
Owl shaman and others pray for the good people of Tarnished
watch as the people regress into animals
and worse:
A sneaky bald head pops from a future hole
weasel incarnate
another turns rhinoceros
thick mind, thick hide
mice, rats, snakes devour each other
while others rot into piles of sandy dung
no spirit remaining from so many lies & betrayals

Owl shaman has done his best to help the people of Tarnished
but sometimes from the slipstream of meditation
a sinuous dragon rises as northern lights
fiery breath polishes to blood red a full moon
he clasps over the basin of Tarnished
reflects their burning hatred in attempts to contain it
hopes the morning sun will start to burn clear their fog of hatred

Chris Faiers
Feb. 29, 2008
(revised for leap year)

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