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Series compiled by Michael McClintock

"Haiku Highlights and other short poems"

March - April 1971

Vol 8 #2

Christopher Faiers

Christopher Faiers, who often writes under his childhood diminutive, Cricket, was born in Canada in 1948, living there six years before emigrating to the USA and taking up residence with his family in Florida. Prior to leaving the country in 1969 for England, Faiers resided in Georgia.

For the past year, Cricket the poet has been living a communal life at the Eel Pie Island Hotel, situated it is rumored in the middle of the River Thames where, according to Joseph Conrad, greatness floats on the ebb into the mystery of an unknown earth. Undoubtedly, Christopher Faiers is listening intently to the lap-lap of the water, lest "the dreams of men, the seeds of commonwealths, the germs of empires" should escape him. Undoubtedly, too, he continues to pursue the Way of Haiku with as much success, freshness and originality as was demonstrated in 1969 with his two collections, Cricket Formations and Beautiful Garden (private editions).

Considering that he temporarily resides in the heart of one of the great citadels of the Western world, bringing to it his American background, a poetry first born on Far Eastern shores, and his own youth, freshness and originality would seem almost assured.

Here, then, are five haiku from the pen of Cricket -


a young boy

in a skeleton suit

The flower

of this old tree

a treehouse

Bay wind blowing

Coconut Grove sailboats

tinkling rigging

After cold midnight

scraping burnt commune rice pot

on the lawn for birds

Palm fronds

tickling purple night sky:


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