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Green Dragonflies

(Reflections on PurdyFest #3,  July 28 - August 1, 2009)

cliché frog
plops into
Master Thay's pond

ZenRiver Gardens
summer plump
with mushroom tents

much summer rain
the river's voices
louder this year

from poem to poem
guests wander the sumac maze

oldest camper
alone enjoys
millpond currents

while poets compose
river voices refuse
to slow down

courtly renku
even Basho's rules
slowly relax

below the flet*
green dragonflies flit
above lily pads

beautiful guests
iridescently robed
serve drinks

fresh peaches
fine hairs invite
the bite

the hermit's beard
can't hide the smile
for his new girlfriend

2 crows caw thru:
another dam poetry reading

mushroom tents packed
into beetling cars
our guests depart

party over
drunken haijin wane
sober full moon

- Chris Faiers  (composed in bed, Monday morning August 3, 2009)

* a flet is an an elven tree stand platform

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