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EEL PIE DHARMA - a memoir / haibun -  © 1990 Chris Faiers

Chapter 9 - Alice

I settled in my little room, which had done duty as a storage closet in the hotel's earlier incarnations.  It was the first room on the right at the top of the stairs on the top floor.  The dimensions were roughly six feet wide by about twelve feet long. There was a little window overlooking the derelict front yard of the hotel.

The hotel had three floors.  The ground floor was divided into several huge rooms, which had been bars and dining areas.  The second floor was a warren of rooms, and it had the only bathtub in the hotel, as well as a small kitchen.

One night I was poking about downstairs, and I met this somewhat odd looking young woman of about my age with big tits in the kitchen.  I was getting a lot of female attention, now that my hair was growing thick and long and freaky, and I was a founding member of the Eel Pie Island Conmmune.  With my brave new ego, I tried chatting up this visitor, whose name was Alice.  For some macho reason I jokingly lifted her, and carried her upstairs to my little room.  When I got her upstairs, I immediately let her go, but she said, "So, aren't you going to finish what you started?"  "I was only kidding around," I hedged.  But she wanted more.  We started necking, and soon we were naked.  She had lovely big breasts and sleek black hair.  She looked like she had Indian blood, like some sort of Aztec fertility doll come to life.  She was a lot hornier and more experienced than Jools, and she was very wet when I entered her.  After a minute or two I was ready to come, and she told me to pull out.  And so I learned the rhythm method.  When I pulled out milliseconds before my orgasm, she continued humping my cock with her full belly, and I shot my hot sperm all over her round stomach:

Pulling out
    coming against
        her rising belly

Later that night she wanted sex again and I was happy to oblige.  This time she told me to hold back, that she wanted it to last longer.  Somehow I was able to hold back, and I kept pumping away until she said that the walls were moving for her.  She moaned, "Now you're learning how to satisfy a woman.  That was better!"

        Old mattress
            smelling of mould, cum
                and incense

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"Alice" first appeared in the Canadian journal "Raw NerVZ" published by Dorothy Howard
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