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EEL PIE DHARMA - a memoir / haibun -  © 1990 Chris Faiers

Chapter 5 - Bedsitters & Jools

I was on my own on the streets of Richmond.  I couldn't sleep on the floors of the other L'Auberge habitues' crashpads forever, so i checked the classifieds and found a bedsitter near Kew Gardens.

A bedsitting room is just as cramped and depressing as it sounds.  It's just a backbedroom, usually, with a hotplate for cooking meals.  A workingperson's or student's cell.  The landlady reluctantly let me rent her room for some exorbitant amount, and then laid down the house rules - and definitely no guests!  On my first night several L'Auberge regulars needed a place to sleep, so I let them crash on my floor.  How could I refuse after taking advantage of so many other people's hospitality.

The landlady was properly horrified when she knocked on my door late the next morning, and saw a roomful of sleeping hippies.  I was given a very stern warning never to let anyone stay over again, which rule I promptly broke the next night when again a number of people didn't feel like sleeping in the park.  So I was out.

Danny had just rented a bedsitter across the Richmond Bridge, and I willingly accepted an invitation to crash on his floor.  Every dosser in the Richmond area made the scene, and we smoked hash and talked long into the night.  I was curled up on the floor with Sophie.  I knew she was some celebrity's daughter on the Richmond rock scene.  We were both very stoned, and probably a lot more naive than we let on.  I was still a virgin, and we just necked a bit and then fell asleep.

Bedsitter floor
    dusty, curled

The next morning Danny left early for some labouring job, and I slowly raised my drowsy body off the floor.  A late riser as always, finally there were only two of us left.  Jools was a cute blonde girl I had noticed looking at me often through the hash haze of the night before.  Even in my inexperience I realized that she was interetsed in more than just talking to me.  I can't remember all our conversations, but I was full of poetry and romance, and she ate it up.  I had never made love before, and here was this nubile woman of sixteen, quite experienced in sex and ready to have a go.  I was too nervous and egotistical to tell her that I was a vrgin, and I really didn't have a clue about what to do.  We climbed onto Danny's bed, and she climbed on top of me.  She guided me into her sweet little pussy, and bim/bam in less than a couple of minutes I wasn't a virgin

I wanted to have another go a little later when we woke up again.  Feeling cocky now that I was an experienced man, I climed on top of her, but her pussy wasn't lubricated, and I had to stop.  Jools decided to have a shower, and she wrapped herself in Danny's curtain so she could go down the hall to the shared washroom.  Sure enough, just as she returned a knock came at the door, and another shocked landlady was confronted with two semi-naked hippies.  Of course Danny got turfed out of his bedsitter that night.

small wet blonde
wrapped in a curtain

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