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Literary Biography (poetry)

Haiku Journeys - Riffs and Ripples

Cricket Formations  (haiku)
Eel Pie Dharma  (haibun)
Five Minutes Ago They Dropped the Bomb  (poem)
The Fire  (poem)
Green Dragonflies  (linked haiku)
Jon Penner  (poem)
10,000 bodhisattvas blooming  (a haiku sequence)
Picnic With Al  (poem)
Reflections on The Good People of Tarnished  (poem)
the Uncles are bird spirits now  (poem)
Secret Zen Peace Garden  (haiku)

The Unacknowledged Acorn  (book review)
Review by Michael McClintock (1971)
Draft Resistance  (interview, 2002)
Review by Ursula Pflug (2009)
Review by Terry Ann carter (2009)

Zen River Gardens - gallery 1
Zen River Gardens - gallery 2
Zen River Gardens - gallery 3

ZenRiver Poems & Haibun
Hangin' with Bubo (virginiansis)  (haibun)
Fireflies below Goat Hill  (haibun)
Winter Solstice Smudging 2005  (haibun)
Crow visits Wolf  (haiku)
Fishing with Big Blue  (haibun)
Haunted Pumpkin Walk  (haibun)
Snow Melt Meditation  (haibun)

First Annual Purdy Country Literary Festival  (2007)
The Second Annual PurdyFest  (2008)
PurdyFest 3 photos (Pearl Pirie)  (2009)
Purdy Country Literary Festival #4  (2010)
The Eighth Annual PurdyFest  (2014)
The Word Is Wild Literary Festival, Ontario  (2014)

The Ballad of Eel Pie Island  (lyrics, mp3, 2004)

a conversation about Zen River Gardens between Chris Faiers and Doug Prindle  (video, July 2021)


Zen River Gardens Poems  by Alastair Larwill, written "while under the influence of ZRG" (2009)

Zen River Memories  by Kent Bowmans, read by Mick Burrs at Ellingtons Café Toronto (video, 2009)

Passing Away  by Jim Larwill, for Chris Faiers, from an old Raven who needs the laughter of crickets (2009)

Chris Faiers - newspaper editor and publisher at age 13 (1964)

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