La Fonda Pepe (Formentera)

"I spent many hours in 1970, sitting by the wall at the side of Fonda Pepe's. There wasn't much on Formentera when we were there. There were three distinct places - down by the port, San Francisco where all the rich 'heads' lived, and San Fernando where we hung out. Fonda Pepe had a small hotel opposite and a little restaurant to the left of the hotel or hostel, where we went when we could afford to eat. We slept rough for about six months. There was a fab place called The Blue Bar, a shack on the beach where we all hung out. But it was a long, long walk. We kept away from the "German Beach" where there were a couple of small hotels and restaurants. We were eventually rounded up by a German hotel owner, accompanied by the Guardia, and thrown off the island back to Ibiza. Naturally we returned."
- Anita

Anita's photo of La Fonda Pepe
"Following the main road from Sant Francesc (San Francisco) towards La Mola, at a distance of three kilometers, there is the town of Sant Ferran (San Fernando). Here we can find one of the most authentic and picturesque places from the days of the hippies - the Fonda Pepe bar. Sant Ferran is a small town which is presently in expansion. Its complete name is "Sant Ferran de ses Roques" (of the rocks), which probably refers to neighboring fields that are a combination of cultivated land and rocky flats."

"San Fernando, the island's second town, a couple of kilometres away, retains a nostalgic sixties feel. A handful of the hippies who made it their base have stayed on. Bearded, pot-bellied late fifty-ish, they eke out a living from paintings and artistic knick-knacks which they sell near the tiny church. "Fonda Pepe" the island's oldest hostelry, is also still there, largely unchanged, welcoming guests as it has done since it opened in the fifties. The town is spare, straggling, non-trendy (apart from a couple of expensive restaurants). A good place to "chill out" for a fortnight."

"La Fonda Pepe... Un certain Bob Dylan aurait passé quelques nuitées dans ce haut lieu de la contre-culture mondiale."

Eel Pie Dharma - Chapter 17 - Formentera

thanks to Anita of Ascot Peña Flamenca for the memories and the bottom pic
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